Danyel Smith (Vibe, Billboard, Rolling Stone) and Elliott Wilson (XXL, RapRadar) started HRDCVR as a way to investigate and highlight the diverse populations of America--from hunger on the Pine Ridge reservation to tech companies in Chattanooga--and along the way change the soul of journalism. Smith and Wilson know that demographics aren't really shifting, but rather certain people and places get more attention from the mainstream press. They're more interested in engaging with, and employing, the journalistically underserved. They've accomplished this goal by using their considerable social media following to solicit feedback, brainstorm, hire writers, and find out what's going on all over the world. 

Smith and Wilson are experienced in magazine publishing, used to working with large staffs, where every person has a specific job. Conceiving and producing a magazine by themselves was a different kind of challenge and they needed to find experts who could help them do that. R&S, well versed in independent publishing, came in and worked with the editors to take the content they'd been developing and collecting and shape it into a 200-page hardback magazine.

R&S created the process they needed to turn their vision into reality, put the systems and structure in place and then made sure it all happened according to plan. We served as a liaison between art and edit, managed the flow of copy and art, trafficked all the pieces, sent pages through copy editing rounds, made proofreading changes, adjusted all the images to printer specifications, packaged the book, sent it to the printer, and coordinated the proofing and shipping processes.

Published by DanyElliot,
Designed by O Banquinho
Production by R&S